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Alaskalaska – Bees

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исполнитель Alaskalaska

длительность 04:16

размер 9.81 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено paganizondar

Funny, honey, you fake it 'til you make it Shake it baby, shake your money maker Are you breakin', breakin' all the rules again? All so basic, think I'm gonna be sick All too scared to hurt another feelin' Are you bathin', bathin' in their lies again? Its a shark's den, workin' for Great White, man Its a bees' hive, what's to understand? Crack your eggs, man, make another omelette Let's go shoppin', buy another face, pretend Who's in charge here? Anybody's guess now Where's the people and why are they all pointing At each other, where did they all learn to blame? What's the difference? I guess we only live once One more sting before I get to lie down Get in line or do something that matters to you I've got questions for the politicians I've got answers for the demon's smile Close your eyes, kid, think it might get ugly Let's go shopping, buy another face, pretend Buy another face, pretend Buy another face, pretend Buy another face, pretend Buy another face
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